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Registered Property Valuation Rotorua

Property valuations - What does a valuer do?

  • Inspects the property (interior and exterior), taking detailed notes on construction materials, fixtures and fittings and condition thereof;
  • Measures and calculates floor area of all the major improvements;
  • Completes an analysis of comparable market evidence;
  • Depending on type of property, the Valuer will use several approaches which may include Direct Sales Comparisons, Depreciated Replacement Costs, Investment Returns or Discounted Cashflows.
Once the property has been inspected and the research completed, the valuer will provide a comprehensive written report to the client advising the property’s current market value and this will meet the requirements of NZIV & PINZ reporting standards. In essence the report will include the following details:

  •  A Title search, the legal description and registered proprietors;
  •  A commentary on the impact of Resource Management and zoning matters;
  •  Land and locality descriptions;
  •  A full description of the buildings and other improvements;
  • A general comment/report on the marketplace;
  •  The valuation rationale behind the methods used in the particular assessment; and
  •  A summary of comparable evidence used in the valuation process, linking of market evidence to assessment of property value.

Rating valuations (RV or GV)

These are based on mass real estate appraisal techniques and are used primarily for assessing the local authority rates. In many cases the subject properties have not been individually inspected and are relevant only as at the specific Local Authority Gazetting Date. They are not inclusive of chattels found in most residential properties. 

How long will it take to get my valuation

We have a strong focus on client service, therefore it is important to us that you receive your valuation report in a timely manner so that you can make prudent judgments regarding your property decisions. Specific deadlines placed by our clients are a definite priority to us and need to be communicated clearly at time of instruction so that we can provide the best possible service.

Terms of Engagement

  • The person requesting the report is considered to be ‘the client’ and is responsible for payment of the account. Settlement of the account is to be within 7 working days of receipt of the invoice, unless stated otherwise.
  • We require that all Residential Valuations be paid in full before the report is released to the client.
  • The report remains the property of Cleghorn Gillespie Jensen Ltd until the account is fully paid.
  • Debt collection fees where applicable are recoverable in addition to other charges from the client.
  • A copy of our formal Terms of Engagement is available on request including matters relating to maximum liability.

Fees and Quotations

It is very difficult to provide a ‘one fee fits all’ structure with valuation as every property is different and has its own challenges. The purpose of every job can also be different which dictates what type of report is appropriate. All these factors affect the time taken to complete the job and we are happy to discuss (on a no obligation basis) your specific requirements, type of job and provide a quote. It costs nothing to call and talk to us and we welcome your enquiry. We consider that our fee structure is fair, and has been designed to provide you with a good value for money option.
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